How Presidents and Chancellors Achieve Data-Informed Improvement

Recorded June 30th, 2022


Dr. Cesar Maldonado
Houston Community College

Dr. William T. Scroggins   

Dr. William Scroggins
President and CEO
Mt. San Antonio College


Dr. Andrew Jones
Creating Futures LLC and former Chancellor/CEO
Coast Community College

Delivering improvement is, of course, imperative for higher education presidents and chancellors. Critical to success is the ability to effectively use data to guide planning and execution across a wide range of initiatives, from strategic plans, to student success, to diversity, equity and inclusion, and more. This webinar, moderated by Dr. Andrew C. Jones, explores how leaders from Houston Community College and Mt. San Antonio College make data-informed improvement come to life in their institutions.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How senior leaders view data-informed improvement
  • How data-informed improvement can impact institutional sustainability
  • How technology can facilitate delivering data-informed improvement