"So What?"  A CIO's Perspective on Data-Informed Improvement

Recorded October 13th, 2022


Elazar Harrel-100x100

Elazar Harel, Ph.D.
CIO, University of San Diego; CIO Emeritus, University of California


Rashmi Radhakrishnan
VP for IT and CIO, Information Technology
Arcadia University

Tracy Schroeder 100x100 

Tracy Schroeder
VP Information Services & Technology and Chief Data Officer, Boston University



Richard N. Katz
President, Richard N. Katz & Associates (Ret.)
Vice President, EDUCAUSE (Ret.)

There is no doubt that IT has faced up to historic demands – and opportunities – these last few years. Propelled by COVID, instructional missions went digital. High-performance computing and networking have become indispensable elements of research infrastructure. And IT appropriately – and perhaps notoriously – consumes a growing share of the academy’s financial resources. What does all of this signify? Have IT leaders and their investments hit the sweet spot? Is IT, at last, creating and acculturating a data-informed and improvement-oriented environment across all aspects of higher education’s mission? How do CIOs answer the question "So What?”

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How some CIOs are harnessing information to support and inform decision-making
  • How meaningful, timely and contextualized information is addressing problems that are keeping trustees and institutional leaders up at night
  • How using information to inform consequential decisions is key to getting the proper “bang for the buck” for your existing technology investments

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