"Data-Informed Improvement through the Lens of the Academic Leader"

Recorded November 10th, 2022


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Kurt Hackemer, Ph.D.
University of South Dakota


Joanne Cote-Bonanno, Ph.D.,  Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Assessment
Montclair State University


James Heberton Berkey, Ph.D.,  Co- Chair, Budget & Strategic Planning Committee; Assistant Professor of English,
Penn State Brandywine


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Jim Moran, Ph.D.
Former Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dakota State University

Data can be like a magnifying glass, which is both good and bad, depending upon which side of the lens you’re on. Either you see things more clearly, or you feel uncomfortably under surveillance. True leaders know that transparency is the best way to go, vs. struggling to hide unflattering information – the news is probably out there anyway. The key is to facilitate the successful use of information by faculty, staff, and leaders to collaboratively tackle problem areas. As faculty and deans come and go, it’s critical to understand where you’ve been, what you’ve tried, and where to focus efforts for improvement, so you can help deliver on your institution’s objectives.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How data is tied to the academic structure and strategic plans
  • How best to present data to various constituencies, including faculty and boards
  • How to have the right data readily available for the decisions at hand
  • How to manage personnel transitions and keep the focus on using data-informed improvement

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