AI's impact on higher education improvement: Exploring the human element

October 17, 2023


Rob Curtin
Director, Worldwide Higher Education


Dr. David Raney


Dr. Brent D. Ruben
Senior Advisor to Nuventive; Senior University Fellow Rutgers University

Amid a din of hype and drama, AI is undoubtedly arriving on campus. How do we assess its potential for improvement and efficiency, especially in relation to the people who interact with it—students, faculty, administration, and cabinet members?  

Some decisions could be largely automated, such as course scheduling or fraud detection. Many, however, require significant human engagement, analysis, decision-making and ethical review. How do the people responsible for delivering improvement at their institutions make the most effective use of AI to find the right information when it’s needed most? 

Join Nuventive and Microsoft in this session to learn:  

  • The importance of a navigation system that closes the last mile between AI and humans  
  • How to achieve more now by effectively using the information resources at hand in your AI, BI, and other systems 
  • How to support AI as an important element of the learning culture needed for effective decision-making and leadership to adapt as conditions (undoubtedly, perpetually) change 
  • How to find and make use of examples of effective practices from elsewhere