Banding Together:
How Independent College Presidents are Addressing AI

Recorded December 13th, 2023

Ajay Nair 5

Dr. Ajay Nair
Arcadia University

Marjorie Hass   

Dr. Marjorie Hass
Council of Independent Colleges

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Dr. Melissa Hortman
Technology Strategist for Research

Independent college presidents hold a unique perspective when it comes to emerging technologies, and artificial intelligence is no exception. Tapping the collaborative nature of higher education, these leaders are working together to build strategies and action plans to deliver on AI’s potential for their institutions and their students.
Featuring Dr. Ajay Nair, president of Arcadia University and Dr. Marjorie Hass, president of the Council of Independent Colleges and moderated by Microsoft education strategist Dr. Melissa Hortman, this webinar will delve into the insights they’re uncovering around AI.
Attendees will learn:
          • Considerations for developing both a vision and an action plan around AI
          • The importance of focusing on empowering human decision-making and student engagement
          • How to evaluate strategies and solutions in a volatile technology environment