Artificial Intelligence for Academic Affairs
What Innovation Means for Students, Faculty and Administrative Processes

 Recorded February 21st, 2024

Rebecca Hoey DSU

Dr. Rebecca Hoey
Provost/Sr VP AA & SA
Dakota State University

Ranjit Koodali   

Dr. Ranjit T. Koodali
Grad Dean/Assoc Provost
New Mexico State Univ.

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Dr. Melissa Hortman
Education Strategist

As artificial intelligence balloons in importance at campuses nationwide, academic leaders are actively exploring how AI can contribute to institutional success. This webinar will focus on AI’s potential for students, faculty, and administrative processes from the perspectives of Dr. Rebecca Hoey, provost/senior vice president for academic and student affairs at Dakota State University, Dr. Ranjit T. Koodali, graduate dean and associate provost for international affairs at New Mexico State University, and Dr. Melissa Hortman, Microsoft education strategist.

Moderated by Dr. Jim Moran, Advisor to Nuventive, the panel will present:
• How institutions can use AI to promote student learning and facilitate student success
• How AI will facilitate the work of faculty across research and teaching roles
• How AI will support academic affairs administrative tasks such as admissions, strategic planning, and accreditation.