Artificial Intelligence for Institutional Research
New Tools, New Strategies, New Questions

Recorded March 19th, 2024

Jason Simon-1

Jason Simon, Ph.D.
Assoc Vice President
Data, Analytics & IR
Univ of North Texas

Eric Zeglen   

Eric Zeglen, Ph.D.
Exec Director of IR, Assessment & Planning
Shippensburg Univ

Randy Swing 

Randy Swing, Ph.D.
Former Exec Director  Association for Institutional Research

Institutional Research professionals are seeking alignment between their institutions’ artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives and their own in IR. In these early days, there is much to be considered as IR begins to use artificial intelligence to lighten their workload and improve their ability to inform decision-makers. All new tools and strategies that move away from traditional, labor-intensive ones can incur a significant learning curve. Panelists from the University of North Texas and Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania will discuss: 
     •The imperative for AI data literacy within the institution
     • Strategies for determining the validity and weighting of AI-surfaced    information
     •Considerations for privacy, legality, and other governance issues
    •Current recommendations for ongoing development of effective practices for AI 
    •The interplay of local, state, and federal conversations that impact AI adoption