Documenting Achievement:
Is There a Role for AI in Higher Education Assessment?

Recorded April 4th, 2024


Dr. Jennifer Klein
Director of Institutional
Assessment Systems
Gonzaga University


Dr. Jessica Cannon
Assoc. Professor of History
University of Central Missouri


Dr. Jim Moran
Advisor to

The task of assessment is to document trends towards achieving specified outcomes. Whether Artificial Intelligence provides a mechanism to help us achieve this end will be the focus of this session. Panelists will be exploring whether there is a role for AI in the complex assessment process. We anticipate touching on learning outcomes at both the course and program level, program level goals and expected outcomes, as well as broader student outcomes often articulated in strategic plans.
Attendees will learn strategies to:
   · Improve assessment practices;
   · Engage the faculty in assessment; and
   · Consolidate and present meaningful assessment information.