Renew the Quest for Quality & Purposeful Change:

A Cabinet Conversations Webinar

When the crisis is over, what comes next for senior higher education leaders?  As you think about your legacy, now is the time to take advantage of the new tolerance for change to re-imagine what your institution could achieve through continuous quality improvement.

There is no more important time for leadership than in the immediate aftermath of crisis.  However, emerging from it and purposefully evolving will require new skills.  This session will be based in part on Dr. Brent D. Ruben's new paper on navigating crisis in higher education, followed by a panel discussion with higher education experts sharing their thoughts on how to move from reaction to leading meaningful change.

Attendees will learn.

  • A systemic framework for achieving desired outcomes, featuring 7 steps critical to the effectiveness of any higher education institution, school, department, unit, or program as they strive for continuous quality improvement.
  • How senior leadership can re-imagine the benefits of change and leverage technology to support lasting initiatives.
  • Tips for leading and re-energizing change-fatigued faculty and staff.

Recorded February 2021


Brent D. Ruben, Ph.D., Senior University Fellow, Rutgers University


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